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Bank-securities Express

  Bank-securities Express is a service offered to realize real-time transfer of your funds from your current account to your securities margin account in the mode of third party depository through GRCB interconnected system with GRCB cooperative banks. You can realize transfer of money between bank account and securities margin account through the securities company’s telephone entrusting system, self-service entrusting systems or online trading system. 


             Safe fund management

The funds in your securities margin account is supervised by the third-party depository bank and the funds transfer transactions are jointly supervised by GRCB and the depository bank to give your money double insurance.

            Clear the transaction inquiry

You can inquire the transfer transaction details through GRCB outlets, telephone banking, Internet banking, and self-service equipment allowing you to keep track of the flow of capital account and transfer results.

            Outlets and equipment spread across the city.

GRCB has over 600 service outlets and more than 2,200 self-service facilities throughout Guangzhou to provide more convenient and faster financial services for you.

    “Zhi Fu Zhang Hu Tong” value-added services

After you have signed for “Zhi Fu Zhang Hu Tong” (hyperlink to the page of Zhi Fu Zhang Hu Tong), we can help you realize income higher than current interest for your idle funds to increase your value every minute.

Application Process

1.    Please take along your valid identification card and shareholder card to the business office of the securities company and change the third-party depository bank into GRCB.

2.    Re-sign the third party depository agreement

3.    Come to GRCB outlets to sign for the “Bank-bank Auto Transfer” with your valid identification, current All-In-One passbook, shareholder card and securities margin account.

4.    When you have successfully signed for it, you can initiate money transfer and stock trading through the telephone entrusting system and online software provided by the securities company.

    Financial products of “Sun Wealth” series

Sun Wealth” is an ordinary financial product launched by GRCB. Please pay attention to the “Sales flash of financial products” on the website or the bulletins in the banking outlets.

    Since most of the financial products are limited, they are sold on a “first come first serviced” basis. It is strongly recommended that you buy GRCB financial products through Internet Banking.

How to subscribe

Purchase process on the Internet Banking: Login the Internet Banking - Click on “Investment and Finance” - Click on “Product Subscription” – Fill in the risk assessment questionnaire online - Buy the financial products available based on your assessment result.





You can also come to GRCB outlets to apply for subscription with your valid ID and current account (including passbook, Sun Debit Card and Sun VIP Card, etc.).

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