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Call Deposit


Call deposit refers to a deposit service where the customer does not specifies the deposit term and cannot withdraw money until he/she informs the bank in advance and appoints the withdrawal date and amount. Call Deposit can be divided into two types, namely, one-day call deposit and seven-day call deposit according to the periods in which the depositor shall give a prior notice, regardless of the length of the actual deposit period. The depositor shall inform the bank of deposit withdrawal one day in advance in case of one-day call deposit and seven days in advance in case of seven-day call deposit. The currency of Call Deposit is RMB.


1.    Flexible funds: It is suitable for customers who need to withdraw the large amount of funds, make deposits and withdrawals frequently, or can’t decide the deposit term in a short period;

2.    High profits: The interest rates are higher than that of Demand Deposit;

3.    It is convenient and flexible and customers can do it by themselves. Consumers can conduct call roll-deposit through the telephone banking, Internet banking, self-inquiry terminals and banking outlets. Consumers can also sign for the Zhi Fu Zhang Hu Tong (demand deposit is transferred to fixed deposit) (hyperlink to the Zhi Fu Zhang Hu Tong), make reserves by arrangement and enjoy automatic transfer of Call Deposit.

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