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Standard Sun Credit Card

         Product Description / Interests

The supplementary card of Sun Credit Card is an RMB UnionPay standard credit card catering to family and lover customers. When the supplementary card is successfully activated, it can meet the needs of the family members or lover of the master card holder.


Individuals, 18-65 years of age, have full civil capacity

        Target Customer

Family members (children, parents, couples), lover customers


1.It is equipped with all the functions of the Sun Credit Card

2.The credit limit of the supplementary card can be set as required by the master card holder

3.The supplementary card shares the same account with the master card under no obligation to pay

4.The bonus points are consolidated into the master card account

        Charges (Fees), etc.

No charge for activating a card and for other fees, refer to Sun Credit Card charging standard






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