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Consumer’s free installment

        Product Description / Interests

The business of free installment payment for credit card consumption is an installment service for accounted transactions with unsettled bills provided by GRCB for eligible Sun Credit Card holders.


The consumption amount is no less than  RMB500 accounted with unsettled bills

        Target Customer

Stock credit card customers with the need of debt amortization


1.The installment charge rate is lower than the interest rate charged on the overdraft facility

2.Installment of debt can effectively reduce the financial pressure on the card holders

        Charges (Fees), etc.

Number of installments    Total charge rate    Charge rate of each period

6 installments                       3. 9%                           0.65%

12 installments                     7. 8%                           0.65%

18 installments                    12. 6%                          0.70%

24 installments                    17. 28%                        0.72%

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