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Apply for personal internet banking service

How to Apply for Personal Internet Banking Service



          Procedure of Activation


          I. New User Registration for Public Version of Personal Internet Banking

         1.Click “New User” to register 

         2.Read Business Regulations and Service Agreement    

         3.Fill in personal information and account information   

         4.Set login password    

         5.Click “Submit” button    

         6.Register successfully and log onto internet banking for the first time    

         7.Set “Nickname” for internet banking

         Apply for the basic version of personal internet banking to use functions of account balance, details inquiry, bank card consumption scores inquiry, one-card financial management and so on. If you need to apply for overseas transfer foreign exchange remittance, please go to our bank’s business outlets to upgrade professional version service with personal valid ID card and account certification.


         II. New user registration of professional version of personal internet banking

         1.Bring personal valid ID card and account certificate   

         2.Go to our banking outlets to fill in the application form   

         3.Read the Service Agreement   

         4.Enter the account password for verification under teller’s instruction    

         5.Set login and transaction passwords    

         6.Register successfully and log onto internet banking    

         7.Set “Nickname” for internet banking


         Professional version customers are divided into advanced customers (digital certificate customers) and common customers (dynamic password customers).


         If you want to apply for internet banking professional version service, please go to our bank’s business outlets with personal valid ID card and evidence of account (bank card or passbook) needed for subscribing the service. After successful application, you can log onto the internet banking platform to use all functions of basic version and services of external transfer, remittance, payment and so on.



         Dynamic password customers can apply for small-amount transfer and remittance with daily transaction limit of RMB 5000 (inclusive). If you need to handle with the transaction above RMB 5000, please upgrade to advanced customers by using digital certificate (E-guard).


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