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Apply for a credit card

How to Apply the “Sun Credit Card”


     1. Prerequisites for Application:

     A:  Domestic personnel (please provide ID number): between 18-60 years of age;  

     B:  Place of work or household register of the applicant must be in the city where our branch unit locates;

     C:  Possess stable career and income, with sound credit standing and ability for repayment of principal and interests on time.


     2. Steps for Application:

     I. Fill out application at the sales network of Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank (GRCB), and submit evidentiary materials.  

     Kind reminder:

     A.    Please bring along with you the original of your ID and relevant certifying documents.

     B.    Please fill up carefully each item of content, of which, * must be filled in, especially mobile phone number and mailing address.

     II. Bank examination and verification for issuing card

     Kind reminder:

     The bank will conduct examination and approval based on data you submitted, and not all applications will be passed. At the same time, in order to protect safety of your data, no application materials will be returned, whether approved or not.

     III. Upon passing the examination and approving, bank card will be sent.

     Kind reminder:

     Please pay attention to receiving (checking) your card. After receiving, please fill in your name at the signature column at the back of your card and open your card for business as soon as possible.



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