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Telephone Banking

961111 is the client hotline integrating artificial and manual service, and provides the around-clock, one-stop financial services to all our clients.


I.Characteristic of our service
★ 3A service
961111 telephone banking is beyond the limit of time and space. You can dial at any time (365 days per year, 24 hours per day), anywhere (at home, in the office, or in travel), and in anyway (by telephone, cell phone, fax-machine, or e-mail) to get the banking service.
★ Simple operation, easy and safe
961111 telephone banking, with reasonable agreement-signing mechanism, safe and efficient password system, and easy-to-operate menu, indulges you with safe, efficient, and convenient financial service.
★ Activating service without application
As long as you are a client of the Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank, you can enjoy telephone banking service via 961111 without application.

II.Services Introduction
(i) Service consultation
     ★To know services, products, as well as the latest marketing events of our bank.
     ★Make inquiry about the deposit and lending rate of domestic and foreign currencies, FX rate, as well as other financial information.
     ★ Search for outlets and self-help facilities of our bank.
(ii)Service supervision
     ★ Complaint: You can get help when you are in trouble with the service or products of Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank via our outlets, Internet, telephone, cell-phone, or other channels.
     ★Advice: You can give advice on our financial products or service anytime.
(iii)Transaction handling
      You can enjoy the following services anytime through telephone:
     ★ Inquiry: Make inquiry about balance, detailed bill, basic information, bonus point, personal loan, and other financial information of your account.
     ★Self-help transfer: Offer intra-bank and interbank directed transfer, with more flexibility and security.
     ★One-for-All Wealth Management: In One-for-All card, current deposit can be turned into time deposits, and vice versa. Meanwhile, deposit information can be send to the client via short message.
     ★ Collection of bills: Collect electricity bills.
     ★ Short message alert service: Open and cancel Short message alert service.

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