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SMS Messenger

I. Business introduction


Short message alert service is the financial service provided by Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank based on the network of China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom. Clients can use this service to make inquiry about detailed bills and fund change of their accounts so as to know any changes of their account and obtain other financial information and services offered by Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank.


 II. Charging standard
(i) Personal client
2 Yuan/month, Account, Cell-phone number. Client who opens the service for the first time can enjoy free service for 3 months. 
Free service is limited to: platinum card, gold card, memento card for the foundation of the GRCB, and salary card in Panyu City.

(ii) Corporate Client
For corporate clients, service fee will be canceled temporarily.

III. Procedure for account opening

Short Message Alert service can be opened or canceled through the counter, telephone banking, Internet Banking, self-service facilities, and short message. One account can experience short-message-alert-service for free for one time. Clients can cancel the short-message-service during the free period.


IV. Content of service


Short-message-alert service will inform the client of the changes in his account, and the client can also send transaction order in specified form to make inquiry about balance, detailed bill, and bonus points in his account.
The current numbers of  short-message sending terminal of Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank are:
China Mobile: 1065755961111
China Unicom: 10655020961111
China Telecom: 10659201961111

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