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Personal Internet Banking

I. Introduction
Under the brand of “Sun E-line”, the Personal Internet Banking is a channel based on the Internet, offering financial services such as Account Inquiry, Transfer/Remittance, Investment & Financing, and On-line Payment to personal clients of Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank.

II. Clients and Characteristics
Personal Internet Banking offers clients with brand-new online banking services, including Account Inquiry, Transfer/Remittance, Financing Products, and Payment Agent Service, catering to various financial services for clients at different levels. Our service is quite safe and highly customized.

Personal clients who have opened a real-name account and reserved the password need the aid of settlement accounts in fund transaction via the Internet Banking service. To experience Internet Banking, you need an Internet Machine (namely, a computer), the access to Internet, and an IE 6.0 or higher-end browser.

Clients need no other formalities to activate the basic service. You should bring your ID card and bank card/passbook to the outlets of the Rural Commercial Bank to apply for a USBKEY-based digital certificate and service of distributing a mobile one-time password, so as to activate the financial services of Internet Banking.

“3A” service is provided, i.e., you can be satisfied with the need of inquiry, financial management, payment, and investment at any time, in any place, and in any way.  The internet banking service covers almost all the financial services offered on our counters, and is on more favorable terms. The fee charged for transfer may be as low as 50% of the fees charged on counter.

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