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Corporate Internet Banking

I. Service Object

Corporate clients or interbank clients who open clearance accounts in Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank.


1. Management of Account and Control of Capital Movement
Provide clients with real-time detailed information of the account and transaction so that they can be informed of the financial status timely and control the capital movement of the company.

2. Transfer of payment offering flexible and efficient fund procurement
The easy operation flow, safe transfer transaction, authorization setting, and friendly interface setting provide you with safe, stable, convenient, and quick services such as fund transfer and remittance, as well as payment and clearance, delivering efficient fund operation in the corporate.

3. Collection and payment services—easy and simple!
The bank offers the service of paying salaries and reimbursement under the batch authorization of the client. The bank also provides service of collecting payables for any corporate which has signed a fees-collection agreement with its clients, to quicken capital withdrawal of the corporate.

III.Charging Standard

Charges on corporate Internet banking service (200 yuan /year), annual fee for the certificate (160 yuan/ key/ year), cost of the card (50 yuan /key).

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