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"Sanjiu" transformation loans


It refers to the "Sanjiu" transformation loans that our bank extends to the main transformation units for the purpose of paying the costs of the transformation project in the relocation stage in Guangzhou (including relocation expenses, compensation fees, construction expenses of rebuilt houses and other expenses), with the sources of repayment including the project's secondary development funds, sales revenue, or other funds raised by main transformation units.

Scope of application

It is applicable to the units that are involved in the transformation project construction, sign a reconstruction agreement of the transformation project or sign a land transfer contract of the transformation project with the department of land, including real estate developers, village collective economic organizations (or by the enterprise legal person under their actual control), the original owners in the transformation project (especially the owners of the land of state-owned old plant buildings), and so on.


· Longer term and flexible security.

· Effective solution to the relocation fund requirements in the earlier stage.


1. Submit application materials to a managing branch of our bank.

2. Our bank's internal review procedures.

3. Sign a relevant contract after the loan application is approved.

4. Complete the mortgage and pledge registration and other relevant formalities as agreed upon in the contract.

5. Issue the loans.

Documents to be submitted

1. The borrower's business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate, development qualification level certificate (if any).

2. The borrower's capital verification report and articles of association.

3. The borrower's loan card and credit certificate.

4. The resolution by the borrower's board of directors or the corresponding decision-making body on the approval of the borrowing and of the property mortgage or pledge as the loan security conditions.

5. The borrower's financial reports.

6. The inclusion of the transformation project in the transformation planning and the annual plan of the competent department.

7. Official Reply to the Reconstruction Program of the Transformation Project.

8. Certificate of Corporate Capital Construction Investment Projects for the Record in Guangdong Province, Sanjiu Transformation Project Reconstruction Agreement, and Land Transfer Contract of the Sanjiu Transformation Project.

9. Provision of the House Demolition Permit and other demolition permission documents in relation to old villages and old towns, and the relevant relocation and compensation and resettlement agreements signed with the original owners.

10. Construction contract and a copy of proof of payment for projects, and provision by the project contractor of a statement of giving up the preferential rights to project payment if the project payment has not yet been fully made.

11. A copy of the certificate of the proprietary capital investment in the earlier stage of the project (including but not limited to land costs, relocation costs, "three supplies and one leveling" costs, and so on).

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