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Insufficient value mortgage loans


The loan business that is provided for specific high-quality customer groups beyond the line of credit of the collateral value.

Scope of application

It is applicable to the customers who have strong capability of repaying loans and can not provide full-value mortgage.


Adopt a combined security form of mortgage + guarantee, with a high mortgage rate.


1. Submit application materials to a managing branch of our bank.

2. Our bank conducts internal review.

3. After the approval by our bank, loans are released following the completion of the procedures for mortgage registration and guaranteed security.

Documents to be submitted

1. The borrower's business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate and other basic materials.

2. The borrower's latest financial statements, bank clearing bills, purchase and sale contracts, and so on.

3. Information on the purpose of borrowing.

4. The guarantor's information.

(Note: For details, please call 961 111 or come to nearby GRCB outlet.)

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