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Export L/C Presentation/Negotiation


After accepting the commission of the customers (exporters), our bank verifies the documents under L/C according to international practice and dispatches the documents that are in line with the regulations of L/C to the issuing bank or its designated bank to claim for reimbursement.

Scope of application

Unit customers engaged in export trade.


· Our professional document handling will save time and reduce the refusal rate for customers.

· Our experts will provide verification and consulting guidance to protect the interests of our customers and reduce trade disputes.

· In case of failure to receive money on time after dispatching documents, our bank will assist customers with payment collection from the foreign issuing bank or confirming bank.


1. Customers make documents in accordance with export L/C and submit to the counter of our bank.

2. Our bank verifies documents in accordance with Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits of International Chamber of Commerce as well as the principle of "Documents Comply with Credits and Documents Comply with Each Other".

3. Dispatch documents in accordance with the regulations of L/C.

4. Receipt of proceeds.

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