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Issuance of Import L/C


Import (L/C) is a written undertaking, which is issued by our bank on demand of import enterprises in favor of their export customers, and pays an amount of money provided that the documents under the (L/C) are in compliance with the terms and conditions thereof are presented.

Scope of application

Unit customers engaged in import trade.


· The procedures are simple and our staff will be at hand to avoid or reduce trade disputes.

· The introduction of bank credit can enhance the credibility of enterprises on both sides and the negotiation positions of import enterprises.

· Margins can be reduced or exempted for our valued customers who open the L/C.


1. Customers submit the applications for issuance of L/C and other related documents.

2. Pay a certain amount of margins according to the terms and conditions of credit limits at the counter.

3. Our bank goes through the internal examination and approval procedures for the accepted businesses.

4. Deduct relevant financing credit limits and issue L/C.

5. Restore relevant financing credit limits after payment with L/C.

(Note: For details, please call 961 111 or come to the nearby GRCB outlet.)

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