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Affordable house development loans


Affordable house development loans are the loans that our bank releases to the borrower for the construction of affordable house projects. Affordable houses refer to the policy houses for which the government provides preferential policies and limits the apartment type and area and sales price and that are constructed in accordance with reasonable standards and are supplied for urban low-income families with housing difficulties, having the security nature.

Target customer

I. The borrowers that are real estate development enterprises should meet the following basic conditions:

1. The borrower has obtained a loan card and opened a basic deposit account or general deposit account.

2. The borrower has clear property rights, sound corporate governance structure, standardized operation and management, and is in a good financial position; its core management personnel have high quality.

3. The borrower's paid-in capital is not less than RMB10 million; it has good credit and the ability to repay the loan principal and interest on schedule.

4. If the borrower is the legal person for a new project, its controlling shareholders should have good credit, without significant adverse records.

II. If the borrower is a management implementing agency of affordable houses, it should meet the following conditions:

1. The borrower opens a basic RMB deposit account or a general deposit account in our bank.

2. For other loan terms, please refer to the relevant provisions by the department in charge of affordable houses for implementation.

Project access conditions

1. The construction project has been included in the annual construction investment plan and land supply plan of local affordable houses, and substantial development and construction can be carried out.

2. The following necessary certificates have been obtained for the construction project: the State-owned Land Use Certificate, the Construction Land Planning Permit, the Construction Project Planning Permit, and the Building Project Construction Permit.

3. The construction project planning and design are in line with the relevant national provisions.

4. Other conditions as stipulated by our bank.

Loan limit, term, interest rate and way of repayment

1. The maximum limit of loans should not be more than 65% of the total investment, and not more than 70% for special circumstances.

2. The term of affordable house development loans should generally not exceed three years, and the maximum term is not more than five years.

3. The interest rates on affordable house development loans should be executed in accordance with the relevant provisions of the current interest rate policies by the People's Bank of China and our bank, with appropriate consideration given to concessions.

4. Affordable house development loans are generally subject to the way of paying the interest on a monthly (quarterly) basis and repaying the loan principal in stages and by installments or according to the proportion in the selling progress.

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