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Project loans


The refinancing that our bank extends for projects under construction or for constructed projects in order to build one or a group of large-scale production devices, infrastructure or other projects (including real estate projects). The main source of repayment funds relies on the sales income, subsidy income or other income from the project, without other sources of repayment in generally.

Target customer

1.  The legal persons of enterprises and institutions that are specifically formed by borrowers usually for building and operating the project or raising funds for the project, including the existing legal persons of enterprises and institutions that are mainly engaged in the project construction, operation or financing.

2.  The borrower's application project meets the following conditions:

(1) The project conforms to the State's industrial policy and land, environmental protection, investment management and credit policies;

(2) The project has the capital funds at the State-prescribed ratio;

(3) The projects that need to be approved by the relevant government departments must be provided with approval documents;

(4) The borrower has good credit and strong liquidity and a perfect management system, and the foreign equity investment proportion is consistent with the relevant national provisions;

(5) Effective legal security can be provided.

Conditions for application

The borrower must submit the following information:

1.  The loan application;

2.  The project proposal or feasibility report;

3.  The financial statements and the production and operation condition and other information that have been audited by the competent department.

(Note: For details, please call 961 111 or come to the nearby GRCB outlet.)

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