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Commercial Property Mortgage Loans


Commercial Property Mortgage Loans are issued by GRCB to legal persons who develop their own commercial properties or buy commercial properties. The properties they own are used as collateral for loans and the operating incomes of the properties in question serve as the main source of debt service with other incomes of the borrowers as supplementary loans of repayment fund sources.

Target customer

Corporate legal persons who own commercial business properties.

Product features

Long term, flexible repayment and effective alleviation of the repayment pressure.

Documents to submit for borrowers and guarantors to apply for corporate loans

1. Business license of the borrower that has gone through the annual examination or certificate of establishment or registration approved by the competent authorities.

2. Copies of the organization code certificate that has gone through the annual inspection and a valid tax registration certificate.

3. A copy of the legal representative's ID.

4. Copies of articles of association, joint venture agreement and cooperation contract confirmed by the administration for industry and commerce or competent authorities.

5. Certificate of the legal representative and the agent's letter of authorization.

6. A list of the board of directors (board of shareholders and council) issued by the company in line with the information registered in the administration for industry and commerce.

7. The resolution to borrow agreed upon by the board of directors (board of shareholders and council).

8. Capital verification report by a duly registered accounting firm.

9. Financial statements of the last two years and the recent three months and detailed statements of the main items together with tax payment receipt.

10. A loan card that has passed the annual examination.

11. Major settlement bank statements of the recent three months.

12. Contract information related to use of the loan.

13. A copy of the guarantor's ID and introduction.

14. Other documents required by GRCB.



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