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Institutional call deposits


Institutional call deposits are the deposits that can be drawn only under the following preconditions: Depositors do not appoint the term of deposits in case of making the deposits, need to notify our bank before the withdrawal, and should appoint the withdrawal date and an amount.

Institutional Call Deposit can be divided into two types, namely, one-day call deposit and seven-day call deposit according to the periods in which the depositor shall give a prior notice, regardless of the length of the actual deposit period. The threshold of institutional call deposit amount is RMB500,000, and the minimum withdrawal amount is RMB100,000; such deposits need be made at one time and drawn at one time or several times.


Target customer

Enterprises, institutions, agencies, military units and social organizations, etc.



The interest rates on call deposits are higher than those on demand deposits, but less than those on time deposits; the withdrawal of call deposits is more flexible than time deposits, able to bring depositing units more interest income.


Conditions for application

1. Open an account. Institutional call deposits are subject to account management, and one deposit account is opened for one deposit transaction. In case of opening an account, the unit must submit the account application and the ID card of the legal representative or the person in charge of the unit (and provide the ID card of the handling person (if any) and a letter of authority), and reserve the specimen seal impression and signature cards. If the call deposit account and the settlement account are not in the same outlet, it is necessary to provide the business license and other business certificates.

2. Deposits. Institutional call deposit certificates are the "institutional call deposit account confirmation".


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