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Institutional agreement deposits


Agreement deposits are a kind of RMB deposits for which the depositing unit and our bank sign the Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank Agreement Deposit Contract and jointly abide by the appointed term of agreement deposits and interest calculation rules and on which interest is calculated according to the agreement deposit interest rates as listed by the People's Bank of China if the day-end balance in the settlement account exceeds the basic deposit amount.


Target customer

Enterprises, institutions, agencies, military units, social organizations, private businesses and other economic entities.



This deposit product has both liquidity and profitability, enabling the depositing unit to obtain higher income while guaranteeing the needs of financial transactions in daily income and expenditure.


Conditions for application

The bank of deposit and the customer sign the Agreement Deposit Contract; the contract should clearly provide the basic deposit amount in the deposit account, but not less than RMB100,000 (inclusive), and the basic deposit amount must be a multiple of 10.


(For details, please come to the nearby GRCB outlet or contact GRCB call center 961 111)

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