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Group Account


Group account service refers to the business of helping the institutional customers who adopt group management to implement unified management of their account funds in our system (excluding village bank) through setting fund management rules and ways of fund remittance between designated accounts by customers by using our bank's related resources such as business system and service. This business is one of the core services in our bank's corporate fund management.


The Group adjusts fund flexibly between subsidiaries to strengthen centralized management for fund and improve service efficiency of fund through collection, allocation and position management of the Group's master account value.


1. Customers put forward business application and submit relevant background information.

2. The handling bank makes tailored service solution for the customers based on customers' requirements after accepting their application.

3. Customers submit formal information after arriving at the service solution for Group account.

4. After passing the examination, the handling bank signs the Group Account Cooperation Agreement and related business applications with customers.

5. System signing and fund management rule setting can be handled at the counter.

(Note: For details, please call 961 111 or come to the nearby GRCB outlet.)

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