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Loan Mortgage (Pledge) Insurance Agent


Loan mortgage (pledge) insurance agent business is a business that our bank's organizations at all levels, based on obtaining License for Concurrent-Business Insurance Agent, handle our bank's loan (including the company loan, individual loan, etc., hereinafter the same) mortgage (pledge) insurance within the scope of authority by the insurer according to insurer's delegation and charge agent commission from the insurer.

Scope of application

Our bank cooperates with the insurer to provide insurance services for loan customers. In order to sign the concurrent-business insurance agent business contract with our bank, the insurer established a property insurance company and its branch for business cooperation.


It has multiple functions such as collection premium, renewal of agency, insurance fund and claim disbursement, etc.


When applying for loans (including company loan, individual loan, etc.), borrowers can make demands on our bank's credit and loan business department that loan mortgage (pledge) insurance should be handled by our bank, and the loan mortgage (pledge) insurance procedure should be gone through before the release of the loan.

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