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Payroll Agent Service


Payroll agent service is an intermediary business that our bank transfers the staff's wages to the bank card or current deposit passbook account opened in our bank within a specified time on commission basis of our bank's executive authorities, enterprises and public institutions or other economic organizations.

Scope of application

It's applicable to government offices, enterprises and public institutions or other economic organizations. The entrusting organization should open a basic deposit account in our bank for wage paying.


The product can meet the requirement of paying wages through transfer for organizations and make depositing and withdrawing more convenient for the staff of the entrust organization.


1. The entrust organization signs the Wages Transferring Agreement with the handling bank.

2. The entrust organization provides valid ID Card copies of all the staff in payroll agent service for the handling bank, and the staff needing to apply for bank cards shall complete the application forms.

3. The financial department of the entrust organization should submit staff's wages list, transfer check (cash is also available), computer information of wages to the handling bank according to the requirement of the agreement.

4. The handling bank checks the name (or the ID number), card (passbook) account information of staff's bank card or passbook in computer information with our bank's business information submitted by the organizations, and payroll agent service can be performed only when the check results are consistent.

5. The handling bank transfers wages to the staff's bank card or current deposit passbook account respectively by staff list and the amount of the wage within a specified time in the agreement.

6. The staff participating in payroll agent service can withdraw or transfer money at any time with the card (passbook).

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