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Bank Draft


The bank draft is a bill issued by the drawing bank for the payee or bearer by actual settlement amount at sight unconditionally. Prompted payment term of the bank draft is one month since the date of draft.

Scope of application

It's applicable to corporate customers, institutional customers and individual customers.


The product can meet amount settlement requirements of customers. Bank draft issued in the system is payable at sight and can be transferred by endorsement within a valid period. The balance will be returned automatically.


1. When using the bank draft, the applicant should apply to our bank for bank draft and fill in the Application for Bank Draft (power of attorney), name of payee, amount of draft, name of applicant, application date and the like with the signature reserved in our bank.

2. After annexing the special draft stamp, the bank draft successfully issued by our bank shall be sent to the applicant with the Remittance Arrival Notice.

(Note: For details, please call 961 111 or come to the nearby GRCB outlet.)

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