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Capital Verification Business


Capital verification business includes company (enterprise) registered capital verification and company (enterprise) capital increase & capital verification business.

Company (enterprise) registered capital verification business refers to a business that our bank issues Draw-Down Special Deposit Account Balance Notice of Company (Enterprise) Registered Capital (Fund) in order to subscribe registered capital for the shareholders or investor of the new established company (enterprise) in the form of currency.

Company (enterprise) capital increase & capital verification business refers to a business that our bank issues Balance Notice of Registered Capital in order to increase registered capital (fund) or newly increased shareholders of company (enterprise) in the form of currency. But it does not include the capital verification business using owned fund for capital (fund) increase by the company (enterprise) of which the capital verification certificate will be issued by a third-party consulting company.

Scope of application

It's applicable to corporate customers


Manage the special account of enterprise registered capital and transfer the registered capital to the operating account of the enterprise after completing capital verification:

1. Verify the authenticity of registered capital.

2. Verify the legitimacy of registered capital source.


1. Open a capital verification account. The handling outlet checks the authenticity, validity of capital verification enterprise and the consistency of the original and copies, and opens a temporary deposit account of capital verification for customers if no error is found.

2. Deposit and control the fund for capital verification.

3. Issue the Balance Notice of Registered Capital.

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