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Deposit Certification


Deposit certification is a business that the banking outlets within our bank's jurisdiction provide written document for deposit in banking outlets at a specific time point or time bucket according to the application of depositor. The deposit certification is divided into time point certification and time bucket certification.

Scope of application

Units or individual depositors opening various deposit accounts (excluding individual joint account, individual margin account excluding, hereinafter the same) can handle deposit certification.


Certify the deposits of the depositor in our bank to indicate its economic strength, and assist the depositor to deal with relevant procedures.


1. To issue the deposit certificate, the depositor should provide basic information to the handling branch to which the account opening outlet is affiliated.

2. The applicant should fill in the Application Form of Issuing Deposit Certificate in triplication.

(Note: For details, please call 961 111 or come to the nearby GRCB outlet.)

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