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Bank-Enterprise Straight-through Processing


Bank-enterprise straight-through processing (STP), i.e., directly-connected cash management business, is a financial service that our bank and enterprise financial software system connect completely through the banking system to realize smooth connection and organic integration of the settlement center of bank and enterprise and the finance company. The enterprise can manage, call and inquire bank accounts and assets directly through the interface of the financial system.

Scope of application

It's applicable to the enterprise customers or group customers with a large size, strong cash management requirement, and a great volume of settlement business with our bank.


The basic functions are: account inquiry, payment transfer, cash sweep and allocation (multiple ways including real time, batch). The featured functions include: electronic commercial draft, electronic acknowledgement and verification, electronic statement of account, account overdraft and customizing in accordance with customer requirements.


1. Research the cash management requirements of customers, design program and sign the cooperative agreement;

2. Negotiate with the manufacturer and customers, proceed with technical development and system interfacing and connection;

3. Conduct project test and inspect by related parties on acceptance before putting the project into production formally;

4. Conduct the follow-up development and maintenance in accordance with customer's new requirements.

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