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Corporate Banking

Corporate Financial Management Business

Definition and features

It refers to the business to preserve and increase the value of customers' capital, where in our bank signs a contract with customers and issues financial management products to raise funds, which are invested in bonds, bond repurchase, inter-bank deposits, financial management planning and other investment instruments, and that investment operation and management and collection of related fees are conducted according to the contractual terms.


Calculation of income from financial management

Financial management income = financial management capital × expected annual rate of return × actual financial management days ÷ 365 ÷ 100

(if the effective annual rate of return in the current period is less than the expected annual rate of return, the effective annual rate of return should be used for the calculation).



1. Customers submit an application for subscription in an outlet of Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank.


2. Customers read the investor notes, sign and submit relevant information of the subscription application.


3. The outlet counter clerks accept the applications of customers and operate on computer, and the subscription takes effect after successful freezing of funds.


Required materials

1. Subscribers' business licenses, organization code certificates, ID cards of legal persons, powers of attorney, and other supporting information.


2. The product subscription application of Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank in the unified format, the risk reminder, the risk assessment confirmation, and other information.


Requirements for the subscription threshold amounts

General type: The threshold amount of purchase is RMB 500,000 (inclusive), with an increase by RMB 100,000.

Customization type: The threshold amount of purchase is RMB 50 million (inclusive).

The issuance plan for 2012

Remarks: The issuing dates of the above products are subject to the final announcement of our bank.

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