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Financial advice business of private equity financing


Financial advice business of private equity financing means the activity that as a financial adviser of the enterprises having private equity financing needs, our bank helps customers to complete private financing and to introduce the equity investors with strategic value (including financial investors and strategic investors) in the whole course.


1. As the financial adviser of private equity financing, our bank will provide the following professional services:

(1) to draw up a financing strategy in accordance with the characteristics of the enterprise;

(2) to establish a plan of integrating business with assets;

(3) to draft a business plan;

(4) to formulate a private financing plan;

(5) to assess the value of corporate investment;

(6) to realize investors' communication and inquiries;

(7) to implement the private financing plan;

(8) to supervise and manage trade funds.

2. The advantages of the product

(1) Constituting an integral part of an enterprise prior to the listing. The listing of enterprises has become an important goal of the development of most small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and within one to three years prior to listing, they usually need to introduce strategic investors, in order to achieve changes in the equity structure and joint stock reform. Private financing is an important part of strategic investment.

(2) Being an important financing method for SMEs. Some high-quality SMEs lack collateral and pledge and require a longer term of using funds, difficult to meet the bank's credit conditions, so they turn to private financing for purchase of shares. The advantages are as follows: having no channel or business license restrictions, less effect of the policy, simple formalities, high financing efficiency, and low financing costs.

Scope of application

The enterprises that hope to introduce strategic partners and to achieve equity financing.


1. Submit the application materials to a managing branch of our bank.

2. Conduct internal review procedures by the bank.

3. Sign the Equity Financing Financial Advice Service Agreement.

4. Sign a loan-related contract after the loan application is approved.

5. Provide equity financing and listing advice business.

6. Recommend high-quality private funds, assist enterprises in negotiations, and facilitate the success in equity financing.

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