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Equity financing option loans


Option loans are a type of flexible structured financing product that our bank provides for enterprises by combining the creditor's right financing and equity financing business in cooperation with private equity investment institutions. Our bank signs a general loan agreement with the high-quality enterprises that have high growth potential and agrees with these enterprises on obtaining a certain percentage of preferential stock options under the same conditions.


1. Providing loan support for enterprises. Option loans are earmarked for production expansion of financing enterprises and for improving pre-listing performance. The term of the loans is generally two to three years.

2. Financial adviser's support for private equity financing As the financial adviser of private financing, our bank will provide the following professional services:

(1) to draw up a financing strategy in accordance with the characteristics of the enterprise.

(2) to establish a plan of integrating business and assets.

(3) to draft a business plan.

(4) to formulate a private financing plan.

(5) to assess the value of corporate investment.

(6) to realize investors' communication and inquiries.

(7) to implement the private financing plan.

(8) to supervise and manage trade funds.

3. Professionally and efficiently helping enterprises to choose investors. After signing the Equity Financing Financial Adviser Agreement with enterprises, our bank will preferentially recommend high-quality private funds to these enterprises under the same conditions.

Scope of application

The enterprises that hope to introduce strategic partners and to achieve equity financing.


1. Submit application information to a managing branch of our bank.

2. Our bank's internal review procedures.

3. Sign the Equity Financing Financial Advice Service Agreement.

4. Sign a loan-related contract after the loan application is approved.

5. Complete the mortgage and pledge registration and other relevant formalities as agreed upon in the contract.

6. Extend loans.

7. Provide equity financing and listing advice business.

8. Recommend high-quality private funds, assist enterprises in negotiations, and facilitate the success in equity financing.

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