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M&A loans


M&A loans are the loans that our bank extends to the M&A side or its subsidiary for paying the money for the M&A transaction.

(M&A refers to the transaction that a domestic M&A enterprise realizes consolidation or actural control of the target enterprise that has been established and has continued to operate by transferring the existing shares, subscribing new shares, or acquiring assets, undertaking debts, and other means.)


1. The borrowers are not restricted, and they can be the M&A side or a subsidiary that is specially established for the implementation of the M&A.

2. The loan limit is determined in accordance with M&A transactions, and the period depends on the operation condition of the enterprise and can be extended.

3. The financing needs of enterprises for expanding development are met.

Scope of application

Medium and large enterprise customers with relatively strong production (or investment attraction) capacity and market cultivation and operation ability.


1. Submit the application materials to a managing branch of our bank.

2. Our bank carries out due diligence, risk assessment, examination and approval.

3. Sign an M&A loan business contract.

4. Handle the loan charge-off.

Documents to be submitted

1. Basic materials on the M&A side and the target enterprise.

2. The M&A transaction-related materials.

3. Security materials.

4. Other documents that our bank deems necessary.

(Note: For details, please call 961 111 or come to nearby GRCB outlet.)

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