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GRCB Holds Its 2016 Whole-bank Working Conference

     On February 24, the Head Office of Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank (GRCB) held the 2016 Whole-bank Working Conference in the Multi-functional Conference Hall on the 13th floor. Participants included Head Office leaders, CFO, Business Director, as well as related persons in charge of various departments (offices), central sub-branches, branches, Xintang Sub-branch, rural banks, and Zhujiang Financial Leasing Co., Ltd..

     The conference circulated information on the operation assessment and human resource management in 2015, risk management and asset operation in 2015, and performance assessment in 2015.

     President Yi Xuefei pointed out that, in 2015, all GRCB employees made concerted effort to adapt the new economic normality and new financial form, and carried out mass fruitful work in terms of reform and innovation, business development, risk management, and internal administrative control. The major operational indicators and financial indicators stayed at a favorable level, fulfilling the intended target for the whole year. But problems and shortages could be found in such aspects as NPA control, compliance system construction, business transformation and upgrading, resource management, and IT construction. President Yi Xuefei stressed that the banking industry will face more complex and volatile environment in 2016. All GRCB members should have a clear understanding of the development trend, abandon their way of thinking to just work in a traditional manner, enhance pertinence and creativeness in their work, get more confirmed for prudent operation and transformation and innovation, further emphasize net profit indicators’ leading role in performance management, ensure business expansion, and maintain financially stable.

     Chairman Wang Jikang summarized the operation and management of GRCB in 2015 with “general satisfaction, overall recognition, painful defect, and gloomy prospect”, and described basic features of business environment in banking industry as “two unstable markets, three mutually overlapping periods, four interlocked chains, and five interlaced risks”, thereby inferring that the challenge outweighs opportunity. Chairman Wang Jikang pointed out that facing the complex and volatile business situation, we can not act in such a manner as “uncalled-for excitement out of sheer ignorance, undue fear before something rarely seen, and regarding things rarely seen as strange beings.” We should not ignore, avoid, or fear changes. Next stage, GRCB should propel the “six ones” engineering featuring “one distinct strategic positioning, one advancing institutional arrangement, one perfect business model, one outstanding business team, one good corporate culture, and one efficient incentive mechanism”, so as to concentrate on the internal operation, reinforce strategic power, intensify risk control, and strengthen team building. We should temper our efforts, keep unswerving, seek changes while strengthening the foundation, and move forward prudently for long-term development.

     At the conference, commendation for outstanding contributions in 2015 was given to all levels of business institutions, innovation teams, rural banks, managerial personnel, and employees.

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