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GRCB and GDUFS Sign the Financial Talent Training Cooperation Agreement

     On the morning of November 5, GRCB and Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (GDUFS) signed the financial Talent Training Cooperation Agreement, formally establishing the comprehensive strategic partnership. Zhong Weihe, President of GDUFS, Liu Jianda, Vice President of GDUFS, Wang Jikang, Chairman of GRCB Head Office, Peng Zhijun, Assistant to GRCB President, and responsible persons of related departments attended the signing meeting.

     President Zhong Weihe congratulated GRCB on its achievements obtained in recent years. He pointed out GDUFS has had long-term cooperation with GRCB. This cooperation agreement was signed during the 50th anniversary of GDUFS. He expected fruitful strategic cooperation between GDUFS and GRCB.

     Chairman Wang Jikang made an introduction about the development of GRCB, expressing GDUFS made extraordinary contributions for the national educational business in the past 50 years. GDUFS’ spirit of “forging ahead”, “being inclusive and open” and “embracing everything that is useful” was worth learning. Chairman Wang Jikang pointed out talent strategy is a major measure to cope with the economic downturn, interest rate liberalization reform, and Internet finance. He hoped this cooperation brings a new school-bank cooperation model, which can build GDUFS into GRCB’s top-class talent cultivation base, and turn GRCB into GDUFS’ best internships and employment base, thus bringing up more practice-oriented financial talents and making contributions for Guangdong’s economic and social development.

     The “order-based” talent cultivating mechanism is used for this strategic cooperation. GRCB sets “Guangzhou rural commercial classes” at GDUFS. The teaching programs are jointly made by GRCB and GDUFS. Each year, outstanding students are selected from full-time third-year undergraduates. With a “curriculum + internship + employment” pattern, the cultivating period lasts for 6 months, striving to bring up no less than 100 qualified persons in finance-related fields within 3 years. Meanwhile, in order to motivate outstanding students, GRCB proposed to found the “Sun Rural Commercial Scholarship” at GDUFS.

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