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Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank held a special session on 2015 rural financial services

     On the morning of October 10, the Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank held a special session on 2015 rural financial services attended by Wang Jikang, the Chairman of Head Office; President Yi Xuefei; Vice President Chen Jianming; Vice President Wu Huiqiang; Business Director Yang Xuan, and other heads of related agencies.
     The conference notified the implementation of business actions in rural communities following the session half a year ago, introduced rural financial services program 3.0, rural community visiting program in 2015 and rural community inclusive finance program, and defined work arrangements in the next phase.

     President Yi Xuefei pointed out that the special session reflected the unprecedented support of the Head Office. From the height of the bank's business development strategy, all operating agencies should enhance awareness of the importance of rural community business, define business objectives of rural communities under high standards. With intensive cultivation and careful guarding, Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank would start a new undertaking on rural business in efforts to ensure the absolute advantages in business of rural communities.

     Wang Jikang, the Chairman of Head Office, stressed that the Bank should clearly understand changes of rural communities closely associated in daily life, andactually realize zero-distance with rural areas by visiting grass-roots, changing behaviors and improving attitudes. Wang Jikang required that all units should attach great importance to rural community business, rural finance special services, inclusive finance and other work. First, to explore the unknown space of rural development from the viewpoint of the survival and development of the Bank, and to seek for the next step innovation and transformation direction by visiting strong relationship, reviewing the existing rural community products and business gap; Second, to explore a sustainable new path of rural financial services giving consideration to both social responsibility and business interests; third, to innovate a complex three-dimensional model of rural financial services, increasing comprehensively adhesion of customers of rural communities; fourth, to establish specialized agencies that can improve incentive and restraint mechanism, improve risk control and management as per specialized financial services in rural areas, andbuild a comprehensive management service support system of rural finance.

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