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Chairman Wang Jikang went to Zengcheng to make a survey on rural financial services

     On September 19, in response to the call of Guangzhou city that rural financial service stations shall be constructed, Wang Jikang, Chairman of Head Office, Peng Zhijun, President Assistant, and others made a special trip to Zengcheng Branch to conduct a survey of financial services in rural areas, accompanied by people in charge of Zengcheng Branch.
     Visiting villages of Xiajicun and Zhuyuncun, the group led by Chairman Wang Jikang made an in-depth understanding of local geography and economic situation. They had an informal discussion with local village commissions, during which they introduced the main thinking that Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank would support the new rural construction and develop rural financial service stations. The local village committees were suggested that they could develop leisure economy by using the good ecological environment and introduce large-scale enterprises to speed up the construction to benefit the villagers. The two sides hoped that they could conduct cooperation and seek common development in project loans, online marketing and sales of agricultural products, devoting to the building of new rural communities of Guangzhou City.


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