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Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank appeared on China Top 500 Enterprises list for the first time

     On August 22, China Enterprise Confederation and China Enterprise Directors Association released the list of "2015 China Top 500 Enterprises", Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank appeared on it for the first time as the only rural commercial bank among 18 banks. Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank ranked 473 with RMB 25.4 billion in revenue, 75 in net profit, 21 in net profit per capita and 10 in profit margin of revenue among companies on the list.
     In recent years, Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank has adhered to the strategic positioning of "solidifying farmers forcity development, driving bymicrofinanceand community finance", got rooted into local finances, forayed into modern finance, expanded microfinance business, made flexible community finance, continuously implemented "transformation, innovation, reconstruction" throughout the reform and development, performed innovation-driven policy, grasped the "Internet +"which is the pulse of the times, promoted the integrated cross-region and cross-industryoperation strategy, synchronously implemented outreach expansion and connotation improvement, achieving a steady improvement in market position, core competencies and the overall ability to resist risks. The short-listed China Top 500 enterprises demonstrated the initial achievements of Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank in the aspects of actively adapting to the new normal, comprehensively enhancing the pace of development and strengthening internal management, which injected market gene into the continuous improvement of comprehensively deepening reform, transformationand innovation, helping to enhance the brand influence.

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