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Chairman Wang Jikang attended the donation ceremony of Sun Public Foundation to GZControl Foundation

     On August 12, the donation ceremony from the Sun Public Foundation of Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank to Guangzhou Narcotics Control Foundation was held in the command hall of GuangzhouMunicipal Public Security Bureau. The following persons attended the donation ceremony: Xie Xiaodan, Vice Mayor of Guangzhou, Director of Municipal Public Security Bureau; Zhang XiuQi, Chairman of Guangzhou Narcotics Control Foundation; Wang Jikang, Chairman of Head Office; PresidentYi Xuefei; Huang Ligang, Deputy Secretary; Wu Huiqiang, Vice President; Chen Wu, President Assistant, and headsofStrategy Planning Department.

     Chairman Wang Jikang hoped that through this donation, all sectors of the society couldattach great importance to the social problems including human decay and violent crime caused by drug use, and support for drug control, making contributions to maintaining social stability and building a harmonious city of Guangzhou.

     Extending thanks to Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank for its support for drug control, Vice Mayor Xie Xiaodan showed that the municipal government would strengthen organizational leadership, and persevere to carry out drugcontrol, and create a good social atmosphere of “by all, for all” in the spirit of highly responsible for people.

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