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Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank jumped to 202 among Global 1,000 banks

     Recently, the British "TheBanker" magazine published the list of “Global 1000 Banks" in 2015. Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank took on the list for six consecutive years and ranked 202, 8 higher compared tothat in 2014, and 175 with the first presence on the list; compared with 175 for the first time selected for promotion bit; it ranked 28 among domestic banks short-listed on it, rising to No. 3 after Chongqing and Shanghai Rural Commercial banks in the national system of rural commercial banks. The result demonstrated the growth path of Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank with increasing capital strength and development power.
     The list of "Global 1000 Banks" released by British "The Banker" magazine has become an important benchmark to measure the overall strength of the global banks. "The Banker" magazine has the database of over 4000 global banks. Itmakes a comprehensive assessment every year based on the core capital, asset planning, profitability and horizontal competitionperformanceof commercial banks of all countries and regions in the world, and finally the list of 1,000 banks comes out.

     Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank has been increasing its comprehensive strength as the Bank actively responds to the new normal economy and new banking industry, accelerates the paceof transformation and innovation, adheres to serve the real economy, and all businesses keep continuously rapid development. Having been honored as the "the benchmark bank of the Chinese rural cooperative financial institutions", the 25th largest bank in China under the Standard & Poor's, China's top 500 enterprise in service industry, its brand awareness and market influence keep growing.

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