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Cao Shifan, Deputy GM of Ping An Group, visited Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank

     OnJuly 8, the group visited Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank, including Cao Shifan, the Deputy General Manager of Ping An Group; Wu Xinchun, General Manager of Health Corporation; and Wu Tao, General Manager of the provincial insurance company. The following personsattended the forum, including Wang Jikang, Chairman of Head Office; Peng Zhijun, President Assistant; Chen Qianhong, Business Director, and key heads from Strategy Planning Department, Corporate Finance Management Headquarter, the Headquarter of Retail Financial Management, the Headquarters of Science and Technology and Network Financial Management.

      Chairman Wang Jikang extended warm welcome to the group led by Cao Shifan, the Deputy General Manager of Ping An Group, and introduced the general information and comprehensive operation conceptof Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank. Mr. Cao introduced the overall situation of Ping An Group, and showed that they would carry out cooperation and exchange in many aspects with Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank through the positiveand openattitude. 

     The two sides made initial discussion on online and offline cooperation of insurance agents, medical insurance services, exchange and learning of internal training institute and information systems.

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