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Member of the Guangzhou Municipal Standing Committee and Executive Vice Mayor Chen Rugui Led a Deleg

                                                            Released on: July 2, 2015

On the afternoon of July 1, Member of the Guangzhou Municipal Standing Committee and Executive Vice Mayor Chen Rugui made an investigation in Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank (the "GRCB"). Accompanying leaders included Zhou Jianjun, the Director of Guangzhou Financial Work Bureau, Wu Guowei, the Inspector of Finance Bureau, Li Ziliang, the Deputy Director of SASAC, Pan Weizhi, the Deputy Director of Financial Work Bureau, and Wu Yang, the Chief Economist of Guangzhou Land Resources and Planning Committee. The leading group of headquarters, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Business Officer and responsible persons of major business departments participated in the symposium.
Chairman of the Board Wang Jikang appreciated the long-term care and support from the municipal committee and the municipal government, and reported the reform and development situation of recent years of GRCB and the issues that need the support and solutions of the municipal committee and the municipal government. President Yi Xuefei reported the business performance of recent years of GRCB, measures on management innovation and follow-up work plans.
Executive Vice Mayor Chen Rugui offered his recognition and congratulations on the continuous steady development and increasingly improved industry status of GRCB. Chen expected GRCB to continue leveraging its role of local corporate financial institution and grasp development opportunities to become a better and stronger enterprise. First, GRCB shall focus on the work deployment of "three centers and one system" of the municipal committee and the municipal government and grasp opportunities of "one belt and one road" and "construction of free trade area", to find a secure direction and put forward a higher goal based on the operational scale and performance. The leading group shall play the core backbone role, further strengthen the institutional mechanisms, and promote reform and innovation, thus exploring new roads and creating new achievements under the new format and new pattern. Second, GRCB shall, under the leadership of the municipal committee and the municipal government, take full advantages of the policy space, form close links with the overall economic development pattern, and reinforce the construction of talent team and risk control mechanisms, to ensure risk-free systems as well as safe and stable operation. Executive Vice Mayor Chen Rugui expressed that he would lend full support to the listing work of GRCB, build the backstage service base, and address the issue of state investment debt of Guangzhou, to further optimize the differentiated management mode for GRCB, assist GRCB in going forward with a light pack, and build an integrated financial holding group.

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