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Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank Ranks 202nd among the Top 1,000 World Banks

                                                       Published on July 10, 2015

British magazine The Banker recently unveiled its Top 1,000 World Banks 2015 ranking, in which Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank (or GRCB for short) holds the 202nd spot. It marked the 6th consecutive time GRCB had made it to The Banker's Top 1,000 World Banks ranking. In fact, GRCB has improved its standing on the list by 8 spots and by 175 spots compared with where it stands on the 2014 and 2010 rankings, respectively; it ranks 28th among all domestic banks that made it to the 2015 ranking; and it ranks 3rd among all domestic rural commercial banks listed in the ranking, only behind Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank and Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank. All these facts are convincing proof that GRCB has kept on improving its strength as a commercial bank and gaining momentum as it develops.
The Top 1,000 World Banks ranking, a list annually released by The Banker, which is a banking industry publication based in the United Kingdom, has already become an important measure of overall strength for banks around the world. The Banker owns a database that contains data on over 4,000 banks around the world, and releases every year its list of the world's top 1,000 banks following a comprehensive assessment of each and every commercial bank in the database based on the bank's performance on a set of indicators, which consists of its core capital, its ability to plan its assets operations and earn profits, and its performance in its competition with other banks.
GRCB has been actively adapting itself to the New Normal in the Chinese economy and to any newly emerged form of business in the banking industry, speeding up its effort to bring about a transformation and encourage innovation, and keeping on serving the real part of the economy. As a result, all its services have achieved rapid growth and its overall strength has been constantly improving. GRCB has so far won a number of honors one after another, including the honorary title of "An Outstanding Bank among China's Rural Cooperative Financial Institutions," the 25th spot on the China's Top Banks list released by Standard & Poor's, and the honorary title of "One of the Top 500 Businesses in China's Service Sector." In fact, GRCB has been improving the popularity of its brand as well as its influence in the market.

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