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Mayor Chen Jianhua and His Delegation Visited GRCB for Investigation and Guidance

                                                        Released on: November 8th, 2012
     On the morning of November 7th, Chen Jianhua, Deputy Secretary of Municipal Committee and Mayor of Guangzhou led a delegation to visit GRCB for investigation and guidance. During the visit, he emphasized that GRCB should play a leading role as the head office of a financial institution and expressed that he would support GRCB to become larger and stronger after listening to GRCB's work reports. Ouyang Weimin, Deputy Mayor, Wu Yimin, Member of the Party Leadership Group, Zhou Yawei, Secretary-general of People's Government of Guangzhou Municipality, Huang Weilin, Director of SASAC of People's Government of Guangzhou Municipality, Xie Boneng, Director of Research Office of the People's Government of Guangzhou Municipality, Zhou Jianjun, Director of Guangzhou Municipal Finance Office companied Mayor Chen Jianhua for this investigation. Leaders from GRCB Head Office, responsible officers of Board of Supervisors, Chief Finance Officer and other related responsible officers attended the symposium of the investigation.
     Chairman Huang Zili firstly extended his warm welcome to the delegation led by Mayor Chen Jianhua, then reported the progress in the overall reform of the Bank, and at last expressed his thanks for the long-term support from Guangzhou Municipal Committee and Government. Next, President Wang Jikang gave an account of operational performance and innovative transformation in recent years, put forward the planning for the next period, and pointed out the relevant issues which needed further supports from Guangzhou Municipal Committee and Government.
     Member of the Party Leadership Group Wu Yimin pointed out that GRCB could become a first-rate modern financial institution with national influence as expected, since it had substantially improved its comprehensive strength by striving to be better and accelerating transformation. Deputy Mayor Ouyang Weimin indicated that GRCB had made remarkable achievements as a large-scale, high-quality financial institution growing at a fast pace in pursuit of high economic benefits, whereupon Guangzhou Municipal Government would unswervingly help with all the work GRCB carried out for reform.
     The important speech made by Mayor Chen Jianhua on the symposium fully affirmed the excellent performance of GRCB in its transformation and spoke highly of the operation and management of its leading cadres and the joint efforts of its entire staff. He added that, as "an old institution but a new bank", GRCB played a significant role in the economic development and infrastructure construction in Guangzhou, and GRCB should focus on the following three aspects: first, during the transformation period, GRCB should draw lessons from its historical development and the experience in the industry, and enhance the basic management to offend the bottom line against risk; second, GRCB should be prepared for danger in times of safety in order to develop independently into a much stronger institution, and forecast the change of operational environment based on its foresight research and judgment, thus ensuring its safe and steady operation and sharpening its competitive edges; third, he encouraged GRCB to grow better, larger and stronger by accelerating its reform, fully play its leading role as the head office of GRCB to make more contributions to constructing financial center in Guangzhou. He stressed that Guangzhou Municipal Committee and Government and other related departments would continue to offer supports as usual to GRCB business development, establishment of branches in remote places, construction of new head office building and promotion of its brand image.

Mayor Chen Jianhua made an important speech.

The delegation led by Mayor Chen Jianhua visited the Huaxia Branch. 

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