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Labor Union of GRCB Head Office Held “Happy GRCB” Fun Games

Released on: November 19th, 2012 

     To arouse all the staff's enthusiasm for sports and create a harmonious and progressive cultural atmosphere, the Labor Union of the GRCB Head Office held "Happy GRCB" fun games on track-and-field playground in eastern district of South China Agricultural University on November 17th. More than 800 people attended the event including Chairman Huang Zili of GRBC Head Office, Deputy Party Secretary Huang Ligang, Vice President Wu Huiqiang, Chairman of Labor Union Huang Zhaowen and employees from GRCB Head Office, Yangcheng Branch and Huaxia Branch.
     Participants were divided into four teams-Red Team, Orange Team, Yellow Team and Blue Team to play games. Four team games include Luck Ball, Worm Ride, Double Dragons with One Ball and Happy Birds while four free-play games comprise Happy Darts, Happy Bowling, Happy Arrival and Happy Shoot. Employees participated actively in these innovative and interesting games, and fully demonstrated their team spirit. After fierce competitions, Orange Team, Red Team, Blue Team and Red Team respectively won the championship of Luck Ball, Worm Ride, Double Dragons with One Ball and Happy Birds. While Finance Department, Retail Finance Department and Operation Management Department won the Outstanding Organization Award, IT Department was presented the Morality Award and the Office was honored as the Most Vibrant.
     The fun games, which offered the staff a platform to enrich their life, relive pressures and show their talents, and a good opportunity to strengthen communications, promote mutual understanding and deepen their friendship, got substantial support from the employees with their active participation.


Leaders from GRCB head office activated the colorful ball of happiness.

 Competition: Luck Ball

Competition: Worm Ride

Competition: Happy Birds


Leaders from GRCB Head Office presented awards to the winning teams. 

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