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Wu Yimin and His Delegation Visited GRCB

Date of release: July 31, 2012

     On July 30, Wu Yimin, leader of the municipal government, visited our Bank, and was accompanied by Zhou Jianjun, Director of the Municipal Finance Office, Duan Caiying, Deputy Director General of the Municipal Finance Bureau, Zhou Helong, Deputy Director General of the Municipal Planning Bureau, and Wen Jing, Chief Planner of the Municipal Bureau of Land and House Administration. The symposium saw the presence of Huang Zili, Chairman of the head office, Wang Jikang, President of GRCB, Deputy Secretary Huang Ligang, Vice President Yi Xuefei, Vice President Luo Jinshi, Huang Zhaowen, Chairman of the Labor Union, Li Jieqiang, Chief Financial Officer and persons responsible for related departments.
     Chairman Huang Zili expressed his warm welcome to the visit of Wu Yimin and his delegation and reported on the general development of GRCB in the first half of the year. President Wang Jikang delivered a report on the operations of the Bank in the first half year, the pressures and problems arising from development, and the work plans of the latter half year, and he also expressed his wish to get support from the municipal party committee, municipal government and other departments concerned.
     Zhou Jianjun, Director of the Finance Office, said that the finance office will support as always the tasks conducted by GRCB, as GRCB has quickened transformation and upgrade in recent years for the sustainable development of business and improvement of core competitiveness. Duan Caiying, Deputy Director General of the Finance Bureau, said that as GRCB got sound operational indicators, the municipal finance bureau will strongly support the reform and development of GRCB and solve relevant problems arising in the operation.
     Wu Yimin gave full affirmation to the achievements GRCB made in the first half year and gave suggestions on the six tasks that GRCB should finish in the latter half year. The six tasks are as follows: first, enhance business innovation and development, improve market competitiveness, seek for new development opportunities and profit growth point; second, strengthen the prevention and control over risks, prepare in advance and cope with all the risks actively for effective prediction, prevention and risk resolution; third, strengthen technological innovation, enhance the support of techniques in business development; fourth, continuously promote the diversified development of business, quicken business transformation and upgrade, raise the proportions claimed by incomes of non-credit business and intermediary business; fifth, strengthen the training of talents, form a standardized training system, perfect the training details and improve the staff's quality; and six, further optimize the service functions and general layout of the branch networks, and quicken network promotion, upgrade and transformation. Wu Yimin also pointed out that GRCB will be strongly supported in its reform and development by the municipal party committee, the municipal government and other departments concerned.



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