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GRC Bank Held Its 2012 Annual Working Conference

Date of Release: March 2nd 2012

     From February 28th to March 1st, GRC Bank held its 2012 annual working conference. A number of leaders were present in the meeting, including Wu Yimin, a leader of the Municipal Government, Li Dan'er, Vice President of the People's Bank of China Guangzhou Branch, Liu Weilin, Deputy Director of Guangdong Banking Regulatory Bureau, and Pan Weizhi, Vice Director of the Municipal Financial Office, and a total of 460 people participated in the conference, including leadership of the GRC Bank headquarters, directors of the Board of Supervisors, Chief Financial Officer, and heads of various departments (offices), various centers (directly under the GRC Bank), and heads of various sub-branches etc. At the meeting, GRC Bank made a complete summary of its various work in 2011, deeply analyzed the current internal and external situation, and made specific deployment for its next step operation.
     At the meeting, Comrade Wu Yimin highly affirmed the various work of GRC Bank in 2011, and emphasized that GRC Bank should fully implement the spirit of the Tenth Provincial Party Congress and the 2nd Plenary Meeting of the Tenth Municipal Party Committee, Still, he stressed that according to the direction of developing GRC Bank into a national and provincial first-class rural commercial benchmark bank, no effort should be spared to advance the development of various reforms, so that GRC Bank may become a modern flagship financial enterprise. As Comrade Wu Yimin further pointed out, in 2012, GRC Bank should focus on the following six aspects: first, continue to deepen reform, and realize the transformation of process bank mode; second, continue to enhance innovation, promote all-around business model transition, and optimize assets structure and credit structure; third, strengthen risk control, and actively promote the construction of overall risk management system; fourth, promote cross-regional and diversified operation management, continue to work hard to prepare for the construction and opening of rural banks and process banks; fifth, strengthen construction of the management, establish a scientific talent evaluation mechanism and incentive mechanism; sixth, prepare for IPO work well and strive for public listing as early as possible.
     Vice President Li Dan'er with the People's Bank of China Guangzhou Branch pointed out at the meeting that GRC Bank should carry out the national macro control policies, and embody the essential requirements of financial service entities; increase capital adequacy and risk prevention capacity, maintain compliance and steady operation; improve the rural payment and settlement environment, innovate agriculture-related products and services; strengthen the function of process banks, and fully respect consumers' choice and their right to stay informed about.
     Deputy Director Liu Weilin with Guangdong Banking Regulatory Bureau remarked at the meeting that GRC Bank should pay more attention to such problems as loan payment structure and reasonable loan tenure configuration. He also suggested that the bank should prevent all kinds of risks, achieve sustainable and prudent development, perfect corporate governance, and optimize entity structure, thus further improving GRC Bank's competitiveness and influence.
     Huang Zili, Chairman of GRC Bank emphasized that in 2012, the bank would take the acceleration in transforming development mode as its main line, through product and service pattern innovation and credit structural optimization, further transform its management mechanism, enhance its core competitiveness, support entity economy, thus providing more high-quality services for economic and social development. It should also actively cooperate with the "12338" decision deployment of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, provide high quality financial services to support the economic transformation and upgrading of Guangzhou city. At the same time, it should establish a comprehensive risk management system, thereby building a "harmonious GRC Bank" and a "happy GRC Bank".
     Wang Jikang, President of GRC Bank, pointed out that in 2012, GRC Bank would carry on business operations, focusing on "business transformation, technology innovation and talent reengineering". The bank should transform its concepts to "customer-centeredness, value-orientation, and sustainable development" as soon as possible, putting technology innovation to a strategic height. It should re-organize and design GRC Bank's technology promotion plan, with which to effectively support business transformation and improvement of management efficiency. It should incorporate "rejuvenating GRC Bank through talent" into GRC Bank's medium and long-term strategy, in an attempt to realize human resource management transformation and innovation.
     At the meeting, leaders of the GRC Bank responsible for various branches also made their respective specific arrangement and deployment. Some excellent sub-branches and top ten outstanding service network points in 2011 were commended, including those in comprehensive assessment, operation management, corporate finance, and retail finance etc. Apart from that, some outstanding staff and management personnel were awarded with the "Golden Rice Prize" and the "Pearl River Star" prize.
     During the conference, a special sub-conference entitled "GRC Bank Case Prevention and Control Management 2012" was also convened. At this special meeting, the relevant conference requirements of regulatory departments and provincial rural credit union was conveyed, case prevention and control requirements were further clarified, key points emphasized, and the 2012 case prevention operation of the whole GRC Bank were deployed.


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