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About us

1.The Head Office of the Bank is located in Pearl River New Town Tianhe District ,Guangzhou.
2. As of September 30, 2016, we had a total of 624 outlets.

3. As of September 30, 2016, we had 7,099 full-time employees.

4. The registered capital of the Bank was RMB8,153,418,539.



1. A leading rural commercial bank in China, ranking first in Guangdong, with distinctgeographic advantages 

2. A successful transformation to a diversified profit model and rapid growth in our fee- and commission-based business

3. Distinctive Sannong financial services based on our strong local presence and profound local insights

4. A leading financial services provider to small and micro enterprises and private business owners

5. A culture of innovation featuring a rapid development in our Internet finance business

6. A comprehensive and prudent risk management system ensuring our sound asset quality

7. Long-term and steady support of our Shareholders, experienced management team and market-oriented performance evaluation system



Development strategy

1. Developing into an integrated and comprehensive financial service provider.With a focus on banking business, we are committed to developing ourselves into an integrated financial holding group with significant influence and competiveness in a wide range of business areas,including financial leasing, fund, insurance, securities, futures, trusts and assets management business.

2. Retail banking business: striving to become a market leader in regional retail financial business. Focusing on expanding our customer base with our strategy of developing retail banking, we will put great effort in our business including community finance, consumer finance and wealth management. Through product innovation and customer experience enhancement, we will further expand the scale of our retail banking business and optimize our business and customer structure in an effort to become the market leader of retail financial business in the Pearl River Delta Region.

3. Corporate banking business: building an "asset-light" corporate banking business. We are committed to updating the business model and risk management of our corporate banking business based on the investment banking business mindset and promoting collaboration between traditional loan business and investment banking business. Apart from facilitating the development of our traditional credit business, we plan to establish an asset-light business model. We plan to adopt the strategy of comprehensive investment banking (大投行) to develop our asset-light corporate finance business.

4. Financial market business: establishing a strong and distinctive interbank financial serviceplatform.With regard to the treasury business, we will accelerate the adjustment and innovation of product structure. We will extend our business scope and enhance market judgment, investment trading and risk management. We will also establish a unique and influential interbank financial service Platform.

5. Fully committed to a comprehensive risk management system and establishing a long-term risk control mechanism.Committed to the coherence between risk management and business development, we are devoted to establishing a comprehensive risk management system in compliance with external regulatory requirements and in accordance with our own development. We plan to establish a longterm risk control mechanism.

6. Further developing our Internet finance business to enhance our comprehensive service capability.We plan to implement the strategy of "Internet-based, intelligent, service-oriented and synergized" for Internet finance business and establish a customized Internet service platform to improve our comprehensive service capability.

7. Deepening the reform of our comprehensive performance management system and thoroughlyimplementing our talents cultivation strategy. We plan to continue to optimize our performance management reform under our diversified and professional talents development strategy. We plan to gradually establish strategy-oriented human resource management. We aim to optimize the structure of our talents pool from various aspects so as to build a professional team.





1. The Banker, a UK magazine:Ranked 203rd in the "Top 1000 World Banks", and 30th among commercial banks in China and fourth among all rural commercial banks in China in terms of tier-one capital
2. China Enterprise Confederationand China Enterprise Directors Association:Ranked 441st, 91st and 25th among "Top 500 Chinese Enterprises in 2016" in terms of operating income, net profit and net profit per capita, respectively
3. China Banking Association:Ranked 29th in the "China's Top 100 Banks" and first among regional banks in Guangdong Province in terms of net core tier-one capital
4. Securities Times :"Most Promising Rural Commercial Bank (Investment Banking Business) in China in 2016"
5. China Banking Association :Ranked 29th in the "China's Top 100 Banks" and first among regional banks in Guangdong Province in terms of net core tier-one capital
6. The Banker (China): Most Influential Rural Commercial Bank
7. The 21st Century EconomicDaily:The Most Promising Retail Bank in 2016

1. Financial News and the Institute of Finance and Banking of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences: "Best Rural Commercial Bank in China"
2. The 21st Century EconomicDaily :Ranked 40th in the Competitiveness Ranking of Banks in Asia
3. Financial Times:"Best Rural Commercial Bank of the Year"
4. China Enterprise Confederationand China Enterprise DirectorsAssociation :Listed in the "Top 500 Chinese Enterprises 2015" for the first time,being the only rural commercial bank among the 18 bankson the list
5. CBRC:"Outstanding Banking Financial Institutions for Small and Micro Enterprises in China" and "Exemplary Banks of Year 2015-2016"

1. National Interbank FundingCenter :"Most Influential Award" and "Best Rural Financial InstitutionAward" in the Interbank Renminbi Market
2. China Enterprise Confederationand China Enterprise DirectorsAssociation:Ranked 160th among the "Top 500 Chinese Service Enterprises in2014" and ranked 18th among 43 banks on the list
3. Nanfang Daily :"Best Service Provider for SMEs" and "Most Innovative Internet Finance Award for 2014"
4. China Financial CertificationAuthority:"Most Innovative Internet Financial Business of Regional Commercial Banks"

1. CBRC:"Benchmark Bank for Year 2013-2014"
2. Nanfang Daily:"Best Financial Service Provider for Small and Medium Enterprises"
3. Financial Times:"Best Rural Commercial Bank of the Year for Small and Micro Finance" in "Best Chinese Financial Institutions"
4. Standard & Poor's : The 29th largest bank in China in terms of total assets


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